Cabin crew currency conversion test

We've got lots of information to help you manage your diabetes while travelling, use the tips below to skip to the part you need. Coronavirus has meant huge changes to the way we live, including when and where we travel.

Flying with diabetes may feel especially overwhelming, but there are lots of places where you can go for help and advice. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office currently advises British nationals against all but essential international travel. Check the UK government site for all the latest updates to the rules on travelling. You could also check the TravelHealthPro website for the latest travel health guidance. If you're looking at holidays within the UK, you'll need to check your national government sites for the latest updates on areas with local lockdown restrictions.

If you have diabetes, travel insurance is important. Buy travel insurance that covers your healthcare fully. Check that your insurance provider covers pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes, because many do not. It's really important you ask if they cover coronavirus in case you need treatment while away. Now that the UK has left the EU, there are some changes to rules when you travel.

Use the Brexit checker to see if there are things you need to check or change before you travel. UK residents will still have access to emergency and necessary healthcare when they travel to the EU.

If you have diabetes and planning a trip, we can help you get coronavirus-covered travel insurance with AllClear Insure My Diabetes.

Take a look at our blood glucose conversion chart before you go. Heightened airport security means that it's really important that you plan ahead if you have diabetes. This means you'll avoid running into any last-minute problems.

Or, you can go to gov. Current security regulations state that liquid items are only allowed in your hand luggage if they are in containers ml or less. There are a few exceptions including essential medicines for your trip, which may be allowed in larger quantities above the current ml limit.

This will be subject to authentication, so always check before you go.

Govt move to set 35-year age limit for Air India crew to face legal test

Passengers are also permitted to carry essential medical equipment through airport security in hand luggage, though all medication and equipment must be supported by documentation from a relevantly qualified medical professional. The doctor's letter should be shown to the airline staff, and if you do encounter any problems you should request to speak to a manager or senior member of staff.

There is no restriction on the number of tablets you take through airport security, but you would still need to take documentation from a medical professional or your prescription for authentication.

If you treat your diabetes with a pump or use a continuous glucose monitor CGMmake sure you contact your airline before you travel, if possible do this a few weeks before you fly. Some airlines will require you to notify them of your medical equipment before the flight and fill in additional paperwork. If you don't do this, you might, in some cases, not be allowed to board the aircraft with your pump or CGM.

You should also speak to your diabetes team before you go. They can give your more advice about travelling with diabetes on planes. And should you need to remove your pump for any reason, they can provide you with any extra equipment like insulin pens and help plan your doses throughout your journey. Caution around insulin pumps and CGM onboard aircraft is because of wireless functionality. This might interfere with aircraft communication and navigation systems. If your pump or CGM cannot function without a wireless signal, then you may need to be prepared to remove your CGM and pump and treat your diabetes with an insulin pen while you're in the air.We use cookies for a number of reasons, such as keeping FT Sites reliable and secure, personalising content and ads, providing social media features and to analyse how our Sites are used.

A new world is possible. Let's not go back to what wasn't working anyway. On a grey early spring morning in southern England, the airfield at Gatwick airport is eerily quiet. Rows of planes stand silent, their engines wrapped in brightly coloured covers to protect them. The only movement across an airport that can handle nearly 1, flights a day is a single, empty airliner being hauled across the tarmac in a sign of the devastating impact of the pandemic.

With one of the two terminals closed, flights running at just 30 a day and shops empty, he wants clarity from governments to help the airport get ready. Six multimillion pound simulators are able to near-perfectly reproduce the demands of piloting an aircraft, using identical cockpits and startlingly lifelike computer graphics.

For the past year they have been in use for 20 hours a day between 6. All pilots at both BA and easyJet have retained their licences through a combination of simulators, rotating staff and by flying the few commercial and maintenance flights still running.

In the US, Delta and United Airlines avoided furloughs for pilots with an eye to making sure they could meet demand once mass travel restarted. American Airlines adjusted its pilot training schedule and has now recalled 2, furloughed pilots. About pilots have training they need to complete in April. Eventually people will go to another theatre. Crew members sign up to work flights about six weeks in advance at Southwest Airlines, said one flight attendant.

As demand has picked up, Southwest has added flights after the sign-up ends, offering extra pay for employees to work on their days off. If a carrier is too ambitious, they risk burning through more cash flying half empty planes. But if they are too conservative, then they could miss out on the recovery. Ryanair, not known for its conservatism, this week set out plans to fly 80 per cent of pre-pandemic levels from the middle of June, but also warned it could scale this down if borders do not open in time.

Football legend Ronaldo tests positive for Covid-19

The restart may throw up problems — but it is a challenge executives will welcome after a year of hibernation. Manage cookies. If you think the same, join us. Carriers in mammoth task to make sure pilots and planes are ready for travel restart.

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Promoted Content. Close drawer menu Financial Times International Edition. Search the FT Search. World Show more World. US Show more US. Companies Show more Companies. Markets Show more Markets. Opinion Show more Opinion. Personal Finance Show more Personal Finance.Being aware of its responsibility to control the spread of COVID and to ensure the safety of passengers, employees and partners, Riga Airport has implemented a comprehensive epidemiological safety programme ForbidTheVirusFromTravelling.

It provides a set of measures for the protect It provides a set of measures for the protection of the Airport and Airport employees and the safe handling of passengers in order to minimize the risks of the spread of COVID In developing the programme, the Airport has consulted with Latvian health authorities and taken into account the recommendations of international aviation organizations.

The traveller is recognised as vaccinated 15 days after the completion of a full vaccination course with vaccines registered with the European Medicines Agency or equivalent regulators or recognised by the World Health Organisation. Information on the recognised vaccines may be found from the State Agency of Medicines. An EU-recognised digital Covid certificate serves as an attestation to the fact of vaccination.

Residents of Latvia can download this certificate from the website www. As the attestation of vaccination can also be a valid Covid vaccination proof, issued in the United States, United Kingdom, Armenia, Australia, New Zealand or Canada in paper or electronic form on a smart device.

A traveller shall be considered to have recovered from Covid if 11 days, but no more than days have passed since having the illness. The moment of becoming ill shall be the moment when the first positive Covid test was received.

The fact of recovery is certified by a digital Covid certificate recognised within the EU, which can be downloaded by the Latvian residents from www. Incidence rates of the countries and a list of emergency brake countries may be found on the website of the Centre for Dease Prevention and Control. All necessary attestations before your travel you will have to present before you board the aircraft to Latvia.

If you do not have all the necessary attestations, the airline might refuse to let you on the flight. According to Cabinet decision, as of 2 December, all passengers including travellers who have an interoperable vaccination or recovery certificate upon arrival in Latvia have an opportunity to have a state-paid Covid RNA test at Riga Airport.

Testing points for arriving passengers are available at the following locations:. When these testing points are closed, you can have the test at the E. Gulbis Laboratory branch in the Airport's check-in hall on the 2nd floor. Requirements for travellers vaccinated against Covid Requirements for travellers recovered from Covid Requirements for other travellers. Requirements for transit passengers. What documents are required for the person who has been vaccinated against Covid to enter Latvia?You may be wondering who the regulation is applicable to?

Drone operators do not need to worry about the aspects of passengers, baggage and for the time being…Cargo. MTOM meaning maximum take-off mass. So, all commercial operators need to legally obtain aviation insurance before commencing any operations.

On the contrary, for recreational operation, if the drone is under 20kg you do not legally have to comply with this regulation. However, our advice is that it is best to check with aviation authorities in individual countries as some may have separate rules or laws that make recreational insurance compulsory.

The regulation requires you to cover aviation-specific liability in respect of passengers, baggage, cargo and third parties. Regarding passengers, baggage and cargo, insurance should include cover for death and personal injury caused by accidents and for loss or destruction of or damage to baggage and cargo. Regarding third parties, insurance should include cover for death, personal injury and damage to property caused by accidents. An aggregate limit is a maximum amount an insurer will reimburse a policyholder for all covered losses during a set time period.

However the regulation says that this practice does not release an air carrier or aircraft operator from the obligation to respect minimum insurance requirements when the aggregate fixed by its insurance contract is reached. So, it is always the operators responsibility to top their insurance policies back up to the required amount. This means that the sum insured is always at the level that you chose from the outset and does not deplete for previous claims, therefore the operator is always compliant.

This includes the withdrawal of the operating licencesubject to and in accordance with the relevant provisions of Community law. This means ALL aircraft including passenger and non-passenger. How much insurance cover do you need? How does an SDR convert to currency? What type of insurance? So, for drone operators currently the main focus is on Public and Aviation Liability. The regulation also sets out how it intends to deal with policies that are written in the aggregate. Close Like drone related news?

Stay up to date, subscribe to our newsletter. No thanks!You might be using an unsupported or outdated browser. To get the best possible experience please use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge to view this website. Americans are getting ready to travel again as part of the pent-up consumer demand from the pandemic. If your next vacation is going to take you to another country, you may want to know how to get foreign currency without paying extra fees.

Currency exchange rates are complicated and are constantly fluctuating as part of the everyday rush of global commerce. One bank, merchant or currency exchange location could give you a slightly better deal on currency exchange rates, just based on the daily ups and downs of the markets.

Of course, it can be easy to overspend in a foreign country. At least in part, this is because spending money in foreign currency may feel different. The prices at stores and restaurant menus may not feel as real as they do in U.

It can also be exciting to see and use the colorful foreign banknotes and interesting coins that you may not experience in your everyday life. Here are a few tips and insights on how to enjoy your international travels while minimizing currency fees. One of the best ways to minimize currency exchange fees is to get some cash from your bank or credit union in the U.

For example, Wells Fargo offers 70 currencies for use in more than countries, and Bank of America exchanges currencies for more than countries. You may be able to get currency in cash at your local bank branch, or order currency online or by phone to be delivered to your home. Other less frequently requested currencies could require a few days of advance notice or longer.

Depending on where you do your banking and your overall relationship with them, you may qualify for special rewards or perks on foreign currency exchange. These places offer convenience, but their exchange rates are typically much less favorable than your bank at home. Airport kiosks may also charge higher fees, which sometimes are hidden within the poorer exchange rates they offer for converting your dollars to euros, pounds, pesos or another currency. If you are traveling on short notice and need some foreign currency in cash at the airport, then it could be worth paying the extra costs for the sake of convenience.

If you can plan ahead, try to avoid airport kiosks and other exchange counters in heavily touristed areas—their business is based on charging extra for being a convenient, last-minute option. Once you arrive at your destination country, you may choose to conserve your foreign currency cash and try to make payments with your credit or debit card as much as possible.

But this can pose another problem: foreign transaction fees. How can you avoid foreign transaction fees? Do your research and read the fine print of your bank and credit card accounts before you travel. Call your bank and ask if they charge foreign transaction fees. Some merchants will let you choose whether you want to pay for your purchase in the local currency or U. But sometimes, after swiping your card, the merchant will present you with a screen offering you an option: You can either pay the amount in the equivalent of U.

If you ever find yourself in this situation, you should always choose to pay in the local currency. Just pay in local currency when using your card. Keep in mind that your bank may charge you a fee for using an out-of-network ATM. Check with your bank before your trip to ask about the daily ATM withdrawal limits on your account. If your daily withdrawal limit is currently set too low, consider asking your bank to raise that limit so you can withdraw what you need while traveling.

Keep in mind that some international ATMs limit you to a lower amount of cash withdrawals than your bank allows. Plan ahead to make sure you have enough cash during your trip. These apps make it easier to transfer money between countries and hold accounts with multiple currencies.To plan, develop, manage, regulate and operate a safe, economically sustainable and efficient civil aviation system in Kenya, in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Aviation Act, Coronavirus aviation-specific guidelines with the objective of ensuring appropriate planning and action at all levels in order to mitigate the effects of a human outbreak.

Examination tasks are complex and require a high level of experience and expertise in the various areas of licencing typically flight crew, aircraft maintenance personnel and air traffic controller. Executing the function also requires the highest degree of technical and ethical integrity as well as good judgment. Licencing tasks cover the routine tasks associated with the physical issuance and maintenance of personnel licences and include:.


Training tasks cover the activities related to the certification, approval and surveillance of training organizations or schools and training programs. These tasks include:. Regulatory tasks cover the development and maintenance of the regulatory support of personnel licencing and include:.

Log in. Share Page. Examination Tasks Examination tasks are complex and require a high level of experience and expertise in the various areas of licencing typically flight crew, aircraft maintenance personnel and air traffic controller. The examination tasks include: Designing written examinations for flight crew members, aircraft maintenance personnel, air traffic controllers and ground operations personnel who intend to apply for the issue or renewal of licences or to add new aircraft types, ratings or authorizations to their licence; Reviewing, evaluating and marking written tests; Administering oral examinations of different specialties, as required; Administering flight and simulator tests followed by generating the required test reports; Administering practical tests as required for the different specialties and generating the necessary test reports; Administering English language proficiency examinations, as required; and Participating in committees or advisory groups to review and recommend improvements to examination syllabi, questions, practical tests and licencing matters.

Licencing Tasks Licencing tasks cover the routine tasks associated with the physical issuance and maintenance of personnel licences and include: Issuing and renewing licences, adding ratings and issuing temporary approvals or special authorizations.

Drafting detailed procedures for licencing staff; Evaluating foreign licences and certificates, and military pilot qualifications, and taking appropriate action, including consultation with the State of licence issue as necessary; Reviewing the limitations and recent experience of flight crew members, maintenance personnel, air traffic controllers and ground operators and taking the necessary action; Training Tasks Training tasks cover the activities related to the certification, approval and surveillance of training organizations or schools and training programs.

These tasks include: Studying the PEL training standards and making the necessary recommendations for improvement of domestic and foreign training programmes and oversight; Developing and executing plans for the surveillance of different aviation training activities; Reviewing training curricula and programmes submitted for approval; Approving training organizations and training sections at operational and maintenance organizations, air traffic control units; Qualifying flight simulation training devices, conducting their recurrent evaluations and authorizing their use for defined training tasks; Exercising continued surveillance of approved training organizations, in cooperation with other Contracting States as necessary; Organizing training for PEL Inspectors to ensure continued competency.

Regulatory Tasks Regulatory tasks cover the development and maintenance of the regulatory support of personnel licencing and include: Drafting and amending regulations and rules or specific operating regulations related to the training and licencing of aviation personnel; Enforcing licencing laws and regulations; and Developing procedures, taking into account best practices and applicable quality standards.Children years. Infant under 2 years. Passenger Name:.

Reservation code:. Email address:. Baggage information. Please select the form of payment:. Passenger :. Refund reason :. Route :. Passenger Select all passengers :. Refund information. Cancellation Requirement. Flight cancellation will be applied for all passengers chosen. Cancellation Confirmation. Your email address is blank. Please update:. Reservation Code :. Email Address :. Taxi service between the airport and the city serves you safely and conveniently by the most reputable and quality taxi companies with a predetermined time and a clear, transparent amount.

VNA Mall is an omni-channel retailer of Vietnam Airlines, committed to providing unique products from reputable suppliers including agricultural products, food, beverages, gifts, co-branded items of Vietnam Airlines You can enjoy all the comfort and benefits of the relaxing Lotus Lounges where you can find the wide selection on the buffet, or simply take in the fantastic view with the 4 star quality service.

Vietnam Airlines Gift Voucher brings you different voucher options from our trusted partners. Upgrade your experience and enjoy high-class services with our voucher products. Passengers are required to have adequate travel documents for all flights on all concerned airlines and to abide by national laws and regulations. Vietnam Airlines does not take responsible if passengers are denied entry into any country.

If you are denied boarding or if your flight is cancelled or delayed for at least two hours, ask at the check-in counter or boarding gate for the text stating your rights, particularly with regard to compensation and assistance.

To be well — prepared for your journey, our advices will bring you a convenient and safe flights with Vietnam Airlines.

Remember to complete the health declaration before coming to the airport as required by Ministry of Health.

Join the largest operator of Airbus A380 and Boeing 777

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam, passengers without completing health declaration before flight will be refused to transport. We strongly encourage passengers having COVID — 19 symptoms such as fever, cough, difficulty breathing or fatigue and so on not to fly.

It is compulsory to wear a mask at the airport and on board the aircraft. This is the measure imposed by the government. Safe disposal of used face mask Face masks should be replaced after being worn for 4 hours, or when becoming wet or soiled. The proper use and removal of masks and the proper way to dispose of used masks should be applied.

Respiratory etiquette Covering the mouth and nose with a paper towel cover or a flexed elbow when sneezing or coughing. Limiting direct contact of any surfaces at the airport and in the aircraft to only when absolutely necessary. In order to reduce the number of people in the terminal, the access to the airport terminals should be limited to passengers, crew members and staff only.

Accompanying persons should only be provided access in special circumstances e. Vietnam To travel within Vietnam during this period, you must consult information The COVID situation reports for Viet Nam and the most recent developments in the country office response and Vietnam Immigration regulations.

Currency Conversion! in the 'Travel Agents and Travel Reps' Forum on Dreaded recruitment days and the TESTS!

light hearted and just to. Currency Exchange Calculations in the 'Thomson Airways' Forum on applied to a cabin crew job and I know that there will be maths test. A cabin crew aptitude test is a series of psychometric tests used by airlines to ensure they only hire flight attendants with the relevant set of strengths.

Module 6 – Selling duty free and currency conversion - Cabin Crew skill whilst working as cabin crew, airlines will normally conduct a maths test.

Your task is to do some basic maths operations (addition, subtraction, division, percentage, currency conversion, etc) Memory Test. The tests at cabin crew assessment days differ from airline to airline so Also, consider currency exchange (they will give you the rate and you may get. Crew Aptitude Tests JobTestPrep.

Numerical Reasoning Currency Conversion Questions. Maths Test —. CabinCrew Com. Tui Maths Test Season Workers Forum Page 1. There are currently 4, employees including pilots, cabin crew, as well as concepts such as currency conversion, meeting sales targets, and scheduling. Practice for your airline pilot numerical reasoning assessment with our online tests are used by many airlines to help select their future flight crew.

Training also involves a series of written and practical tests on areas such as: assertiveness; cultural awareness; currency exchange; customs and immigration. Cabin Crew luggage. Currency conversion for exams · Aer Lingus · Virgin Atlantic interview · BMI interview · Freedom Air · Hey Guys!

Nothing to hide! the subject matter,; definitions,; pilot licensing and medical certification,; existing national pilots' licences,; conversion of flight test qualifications. Operational Suitability Data (OSD) for flight crew (FC); Licensing To whom can an appeal against the examination/test/check results be sent? Answer 1 of 3: Beware currency conversion with Ryanair.

Cabin crew did not ask which currency I wished to make purchases. We welcome ambitious pilots who would like to join our dynamic team base IPT and full-flight simulator will lead up to your license and skills test.

Please contact our cabin crew for details and Official currency conversion rates. At the request of the credit card companies, your cabin crew might ask you. I completed the online British Airways Cabin Crew Recruitment tests and was of different currencies and you have to be able to do currency conversions. If you do not have all the necessary attestations, the airline might refuse be available from the laboratory staff, upon specifying the respective test.

passed the theory part of any Part 61 flight crew licence (for Book a flight test with CASA by using the RPA flight test webform. India News: For the first time, India has proposed to conduct dope tests randomly on pilots, cabin crew and air traffic controllers (ATCOs).